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Content API v1.0


An API to get Neticle Technologies' collected textunits.

Version History

Version Description
v1.0.0 Initial public version, created by Robert Horvath on 2016.05.23.
v1.0.1 Extended response JSON with source url, created by Robert Horvath on 2016.05.31.
v2.0.0 New version of Data API, created by Robert Horvath on 2019.02.01.

Base URL<country_id>/client/<client_id>/profile/<profile_id>/keywords/<keyword_id>/textunits

argument parameter description
country_id unique id of the client (required)
client_id unique id of the client (required)
profile_id unique id of the client's profile (required)
keyword_id unique id of the keyword (required)


http argument parameter description
start_date starting time of the query in unix time format (required)
end_date ending time of the query in unix time format (required)
sources array of sources, default: all (optional)
polarity string value of filtering polarity, default: all (optional)

- Ending time must be greater than starting time
- Difference between starting and ending time must the less than 24 hours (86400 sec)!

Sample call


There must be a key-value pair in the call header:

key value
Authorization Bearer <token given by Neticle>

Sample response

    "items": [
            "keyword_name": "samplelorem1",
            "keyword": "Sample Lorem 1",
            "id": 1,
            "timestamp": 1544438700000,
            "polarity_index": 0,
            "content_type": 4,
            "author": "Anonym User",
            "domain": "",
            "url": "",
            "text": "<p>This is a very good <span class=\"synonym\">car</span>, I always love this <span class="label">brand's</span> products.</p>",
            "content_length": 78,
            "html_meta_title": "",
            "reach": 0,
            "time": "2019-02-01 09:00",
            "labels": [],
    "total_items": 2,
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